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  Warning:  ​The  files below are formatted in Word 2010.​  If you download it from a different program and formatting errors occur, then please try the .PDF version. The Quarter Year, Daily SBG should look just as it appears on the home page (only bigger).  Please email me if format problems arise (; there's always the snail mail option!​

Two Year, Weekly, SBG


Quarter Year, Daily, SBG-International (I) or American (A) Version
100 Min, Minutely, SBG
        Range Finder for QYD
SBG Guidebook. pdf: "The Standard Behavior Graph: Standardized Graphing Made Easy"

The advantages that a standardized data display bring to the analysis of learning and behavior are colorfully demonstrated and thoroughly explained in this guidebook/reference manual.  It is meant for teachers, students, practitioners, researchers, managers, and parents who need to change and/or monitor behavior of others and/or self.  It may be read from beginning to end, but is also designed to serve as a go-to reference manual once the basics of standardized graphing are mastered.

Note: This website is for the SBG and not affiliated with, or endorsed by any website or company that sells or promotes the Standard Celeration Chart (SCC).

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